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It’s a Contemporary world – styles and stationary sofas

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Stationary sofas are the bread and butter of upholstered furniture sales. So what’s the most popular style for stationary sofas? Furniture/Today asked just that question in its exclusive Upholstery Fabric & Style Survey, 2009. Answers came from more than 400 retail furniture store fronts.

It seems that Contemporary is lord of the manor. More than one-half or 53% of stationary sofa units sold can best be described as Contemporary in style. No other style family even comes close to ousting Contemporary from its domination. Even the combination of the next highest-ranking styles, American country and European country, into a new style family, Country, could only lay claim to about one-quarter of the kingdom. And Contemporary’s reign is not a new thing either. In 2006 when Furniture/Today conducted a similar survey of retailers, nearly one-half of stationary sofa units were Contemporary. And in 2004, the unit share figure was just about identical.

For the purposes of the survey, Contemporary included the following individual styles:

  • Art Deco
  • Architectural contemporary
  • Casual contemporary
  • European modern
  • Scandinavian

Where did Contemporary rule the strongest? Examining style families across price points, Contemporary dominated at both low and high price points. At low price points of $799 and below, Contemporary claimed over two-thirds of units sold. At high price points of $1,500 and above, its share was less but still well over one-half of units sold. And at medium price points of $800 to $1,499, Contemporary’s share was just under one-half, or 48%.

Just over three-fifths of retailers’ unit upholstery sales for 2008 came from the sale of stationary sofas as reported in Furniture/Today’s exclusive Upholstery Fabric & Style Survey, 2009.  Recliners and motion sofas were the other two players, each contributing another one-fifth to the market share pie.



‘Tis the season to be optimistic

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

The holiday season is upon us and a new survey from American Express  reveals that 53% of consumers have intentions on spending more or the same on holiday gifts this year compared to a year ago. This is welcome news for economy and retailers.

According to Deloitte’s 24th Annual Holiday Survey, 54% of Americans expect the economy to improve in the upcoming year. And, this has consumers starting to show optimism in their shopping plans. In line with results from the American Express survey, 51% of respondents in Deloitte’s survey said they hope to spend more or the same on the holidays.

So, what will consumers purchase this season? The National Retail Federation found in their November Consumer Intentions and Actions survey that 58% of adult consumers plan to purchase clothing or clothing accessories as gifts, 55% plan to purchase electronics or computer-related accessories and 42% plan to purchase toys. More important to our industry is that 17% of adult consumers plan to buy home décor or home-related furnishings as gifts this season. And, even when the purchase is not a gift, Deloitte’s survey found consumers are willing to increase spending on home/holiday furnishings.

According to Stacy Janiak, Vice Chairman of Deloitte’s U.S. Retail division, consumers will continue to demonstrate a change in shopping habits, due to the economy. However, they now seem to have an interest in revisiting shopping categories they had previously placed on the back burner. “We have seen key economic indicators ease from their worst levels, helping to put more resources back into Americans’ pockets. As a result, a cautious upturn in sentiment may draw consumers out of their bunkers, turn their focus away from saving and debt reduction, and encourage them to do some holiday shopping for their homes, family and friends.”

What’s helping to fuel enthusiasm among consumers this holiday season? Some say the Internet and social media such as Twitter and Facebook have captured the consumers’ attention and brought excitement back into holiday shopping. According to, retailers are creating promotions and incentives to help Americans with their shopping this season. They’re jumping aboard, ramping up their web sites and increasing their use of social media in hopes that it will lead to more sales this season. In other words, they’re letting their online presence shine. In fact,’s eHoliday survey revealed 47% of online retailers will be increasing their use of social media this holiday season due to the consumers’ interest in these types of sites.

According to American Express, 79% of consumers intend to use the Internet as a holiday shopping tool this year and 45% will use the Internet to purchase items.

So, let’s be joyfully optimistic going into this holiday season.



Van Millwork Introduces New England Retailers to the Van Mantel Collection

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Van Millwork, a leading provider of fine cabinetry and architectural millwork, is pleased to bring to the retail market the Van Mantel Collection – 14 distinct traditional and contemporary mantel designs plus four adjustable mantel styles. The Van Mantel Collection complements Van Millwork’s custom cabinetry, coffered ceilings, paneled walls and other elaborate architectural millwork products.

Unlike other lines that only offer pine, poplar or oak, the Van Mantel Collection is crafted from the highest selection of any wood species, including Brazilian cherry and Santos mahogany, and is available in paint grade or stain grade. The Collection enables fireplace retailers to move beyond the standard mantel to offer a wide variety of quality crafted custom designs to their customers.

Each Van mantel is assembled in one of the company’s two sophisticated shops in Bellingham or Fitchburg, MA by a team of skilled craftsmen who work from their own designs as well as the client’s to create unique projects on any scale.

“Van Millwork’s goal is to work with retailers to grow their business by offering a wide range of products to their customers,” states Van Millwork’s Director of Marketing, Jennifer Driscoll. “With Van Millwork and Van mantels, retailers can now offer customized mantels and build volume sales with add-on purchases such as cabinetry, shelves, built-ins and much more to compliment their mantels. We are also providing retailers sales tools including marketing materials, discounted and free displays, on-site sales training, and a competitive SPIF program.”

Founded in 1967 as a full service lumber company, Van Millwork, headquartered in Bellingham, is the largest interior millwork supplier in New England. The Van Millwork Showroom, located in Needham, showcases nine architecturally-themed rooms specifically reflecting the architectural period represented by the trim work in each space. In addition to Bellingham and Needham, the company also offers a showroom in Mashpee, MA, and their full-service custom woodworking shop in Fitchburg, MA. In addition to the new mantel division, the company recently introduced their flooring center, which provides quality hardwood flooring and installation options.