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Design Within Reach raising funds for Haitian earthquake victims

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Will match donations to UNICEF
Furniture Today Staff — Furniture Today
SAN FRANCISCO — Home furnishings retailer Design Within Reach says it will match up to $25,000 in donations to UNICEF’s Haiti Earthquake Fund, for a collective total donation of $50,000.
To participate, customers should visit the DWR website,, where they will be directed to a link to make a donation.

In coordination with other UN agencies, UNICEF will provide supplies to allow access to sanitation, safe water and basic health care in Haiti. The agency also is preparing materials and staff so that children, vulnerable during natural catastrophes, are protected.

“While our company’s name is Design Within Reach, today we are proud to provide help within reach to the people of Haiti,” said John Edelman, CEO. “I am equally proud of the support of our customers and employees in joining me in providing assistance. Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Haiti.”

Easier with ‘The Bathroom Remodeling Workbook’ from ABCD Publishing

Monday, January 4th, 2010

New remodeling workbook series from trusted expert offers homeowners complete guides to help make remodeling a success!

Just in time for the end of the recession, when homeowners are again planning home remodeling projects to take advantage of low prices and “government stimulus home-remodeling incentives,” ABCD Publishing announces the release of the first book in their Remodeling Workbooks Series. This first book in the series addresses the most popular room of the house to remodel – “The Bathroom Remodeling Workbook.”

This new series from trusted remodeling expert Dan Fritschen guides homeowners through the essential steps and decisions of successful home remodeling. This collection of step-by-step guides, combined with the online remodeling cost calculators at, will take a homeowner from “I don’t like my bathroom” to having a solid plan and a realistic budget so they can kick off their remodeling project with confidence.

Each book in the series is available from local and online bookstores or directly from the publisher at

The first book in the series is the “Bathroom Remodeling Workbook: A Complete Guide to Help Make Your Remodel a Success” (ISBN 1-933007-36-2, $11.95).

The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms of the house for a remodeling project. Even in a recession, bathroom remodeling remains popular because some projects simply cannot be put off until better economic times. Additionally, some homeowners are remodeling so they will be ready when the housing market turns around, since they are aware that a bathroom design can make or break a home sale in the current market. People are looking for large, well-lit bathrooms that offer both luxury and environmentally-friendly features.

Bathroom remodeling is always popular because, in almost all real estate markets, it makes a home both more comfortable and more valuable. Moreover, this workbook is the perfect introduction to the series because it incorporates all of the most often-requested features:

* Guidance in dealing with unique challenges.

* Identification of bathroom features that will be costly to change.

* Advice on how to save money on a remodel.

* Detailed guidance on how to find and choose the right contractor for the job.

* Everything a homeowner needs to know to make the entire remodeling process a breeze. 


‘Tis the season to be optimistic

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

The holiday season is upon us and a new survey from American Express  reveals that 53% of consumers have intentions on spending more or the same on holiday gifts this year compared to a year ago. This is welcome news for economy and retailers.

According to Deloitte’s 24th Annual Holiday Survey, 54% of Americans expect the economy to improve in the upcoming year. And, this has consumers starting to show optimism in their shopping plans. In line with results from the American Express survey, 51% of respondents in Deloitte’s survey said they hope to spend more or the same on the holidays.

So, what will consumers purchase this season? The National Retail Federation found in their November Consumer Intentions and Actions survey that 58% of adult consumers plan to purchase clothing or clothing accessories as gifts, 55% plan to purchase electronics or computer-related accessories and 42% plan to purchase toys. More important to our industry is that 17% of adult consumers plan to buy home décor or home-related furnishings as gifts this season. And, even when the purchase is not a gift, Deloitte’s survey found consumers are willing to increase spending on home/holiday furnishings.

According to Stacy Janiak, Vice Chairman of Deloitte’s U.S. Retail division, consumers will continue to demonstrate a change in shopping habits, due to the economy. However, they now seem to have an interest in revisiting shopping categories they had previously placed on the back burner. “We have seen key economic indicators ease from their worst levels, helping to put more resources back into Americans’ pockets. As a result, a cautious upturn in sentiment may draw consumers out of their bunkers, turn their focus away from saving and debt reduction, and encourage them to do some holiday shopping for their homes, family and friends.”

What’s helping to fuel enthusiasm among consumers this holiday season? Some say the Internet and social media such as Twitter and Facebook have captured the consumers’ attention and brought excitement back into holiday shopping. According to, retailers are creating promotions and incentives to help Americans with their shopping this season. They’re jumping aboard, ramping up their web sites and increasing their use of social media in hopes that it will lead to more sales this season. In other words, they’re letting their online presence shine. In fact,’s eHoliday survey revealed 47% of online retailers will be increasing their use of social media this holiday season due to the consumers’ interest in these types of sites.

According to American Express, 79% of consumers intend to use the Internet as a holiday shopping tool this year and 45% will use the Internet to purchase items.

So, let’s be joyfully optimistic going into this holiday season.