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Design Within Reach raising funds for Haitian earthquake victims

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Will match donations to UNICEF
Furniture Today Staff — Furniture Today
SAN FRANCISCO — Home furnishings retailer Design Within Reach says it will match up to $25,000 in donations to UNICEF’s Haiti Earthquake Fund, for a collective total donation of $50,000.
To participate, customers should visit the DWR website,, where they will be directed to a link to make a donation.

In coordination with other UN agencies, UNICEF will provide supplies to allow access to sanitation, safe water and basic health care in Haiti. The agency also is preparing materials and staff so that children, vulnerable during natural catastrophes, are protected.

“While our company’s name is Design Within Reach, today we are proud to provide help within reach to the people of Haiti,” said John Edelman, CEO. “I am equally proud of the support of our customers and employees in joining me in providing assistance. Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Haiti.”

It’s a Contemporary world – styles and stationary sofas

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Stationary sofas are the bread and butter of upholstered furniture sales. So what’s the most popular style for stationary sofas? Furniture/Today asked just that question in its exclusive Upholstery Fabric & Style Survey, 2009. Answers came from more than 400 retail furniture store fronts.

It seems that Contemporary is lord of the manor. More than one-half or 53% of stationary sofa units sold can best be described as Contemporary in style. No other style family even comes close to ousting Contemporary from its domination. Even the combination of the next highest-ranking styles, American country and European country, into a new style family, Country, could only lay claim to about one-quarter of the kingdom. And Contemporary’s reign is not a new thing either. In 2006 when Furniture/Today conducted a similar survey of retailers, nearly one-half of stationary sofa units were Contemporary. And in 2004, the unit share figure was just about identical.

For the purposes of the survey, Contemporary included the following individual styles:

  • Art Deco
  • Architectural contemporary
  • Casual contemporary
  • European modern
  • Scandinavian

Where did Contemporary rule the strongest? Examining style families across price points, Contemporary dominated at both low and high price points. At low price points of $799 and below, Contemporary claimed over two-thirds of units sold. At high price points of $1,500 and above, its share was less but still well over one-half of units sold. And at medium price points of $800 to $1,499, Contemporary’s share was just under one-half, or 48%.

Just over three-fifths of retailers’ unit upholstery sales for 2008 came from the sale of stationary sofas as reported in Furniture/Today’s exclusive Upholstery Fabric & Style Survey, 2009.  Recliners and motion sofas were the other two players, each contributing another one-fifth to the market share pie.



More on upholstery and price points

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

After the appearance of the Upholstery Fabric & Style Survey in the October 5 issue, Furniture/Today’s research team fielded a call from a supplier who wanted to know the overall breakdown of upholstery unit market share by price point. Since we had not previously calculated those statistics, we quickly derived them and sent them along to the supplier as requested. In all fairness we thought you might like to know those statistics, too.

Upholstery and price points
Market share based on UNITS, 2008

Stationary sofas
Low                 $799 and below        34%
Medium          $800 to $1,499          29%
High                $1,500 and above     37%

Reclining chairs
Low                 $799 and below        39%
Medium          $800 to $1,499          36%
High                $1,500 and above     25%

Motion sofas
Low                 $899 and below        38%
Medium          $900 to $1,599          49%
High                $1,600 and above     13%

The Upholstery Fabric & Style Survey of retailers continues a series of style surveys, currently alternating with a case goods style survey conducted in 2008 (and one planned for 2010) and the previous upholstery style survey published in 2006. Data was collected from March through May and represents more than 400 storefronts, primarily full-line furniture stores.